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Does art imitate life?
I believe art actually helps shape one's reality. This is why I focus on uplifting images to touch the young and young at heart.

For many years I have been a printmaker, creating serigraphs (commonly called silk screening). I love it because it expresses the way I think and draw. The whole process is one of not ever knowing what the final piece will look like.
I make many decisions along the way, Once I begin printing a color, I have to keep going or the ink can dry and clog my screen. Sometimes I've had to find the strength to finish a color. Gold and silver take more pressure to press the ink through the screen.
Technically it is a method that is done by hand and there are no computers or electricity. It is simple enough for a child to do. My art takes time to make and I hope to give a lasting enjoyment to those who have supported my artistic journey.

SERIGRAPHY: To make my serigraphs I begin with a drawing in pencil. I then ink it with a very thin black line. For each color I cut a stencil from a green lacquer film. This film gets adhered into a screen of tightly stretched material. Because silk used to be used, it is commonly called silk-screening. Today a stronger material is used. I then hand squeegee one color at a time; carefully registering each screen on Stonehenge Fine Art Paper. I sign and number my limited editions. Each print is an original.

This art may not be reproduced without my consent.

Education: Carnegie Mellon - Pittsburgh, PA - Fine Arts Major
San Francisco Art Institute - San Francisco, CA - BFA Printmaking 1975

Holly Sue Foss 4347 Webber Pkwy., N. MPLS., MN. 55412
Cell: (763) 442-4133 Web: fossart.com